Reading Material Collections

This blog is a small storage room of serveral valuable reading materials in various aspects, including but not limited to programming skills, database techniques, computer science foreland, and even sentiments of life. If needed in the future, I may separate these categories into dedicated pages.

Programming Skills

The gitbook covers 42 recommendations about programming in C/C++. It contains real examples with errors and author gives explanations of how these bugs could be avoided.

Distributed Systems & Algorithms

A good tour of consensus algorithm history from Heidi Howard, a Ph.D. student from University of Cambridge.

Database Techniques

This is the fifth edition of “the Red Book” Reading in Database Systems. It offers readers a take on both classic and cutting-edge research in the field of data management. This edition comes from Peter Bailis, Joseph M. Hellerstein, and Michael Stonebraker.

A list of papers essential to understandings databases and building new data systems. The list is curated and maintained by Reynold Xin (co-founder of Databricks).

This the homepage of CMU 2016 spring course on database management systems which cover the core concepts and fundamentals of the components that are used in both high-performance transaction processing systems (OLTP) and large-scale analytical systems (OLAP). This course is introduced by Andy Pavlo (who is one of the main contributers of H-Store). On the website of this course, there are video records and slides of classroom teaching and a valuable educational paper list on database systems.

Sentiments of Life

One can live more than one lives as long as he is willing to. It takes about 7 years to master something. If you live to be 88, after age 11, you have 11 opportunities to be great at something. These are the lifetimes more than one. Here is a comic.

Written on 07 May 2016